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my journey through french cinema showtimes what is the music name in 0:44?  These films probably wouldn't be made in a mainstream big Hollywood context, however if they were indie productions they probably could have a chance at being made. Then again, the originals are where its at.. This is an absolute must watch. Beautiful, funny and heartwarming film...:).

The idea of a producer and a clairvoyant reminds me of Woody Allen's movie Magic in the Moonlight.

I enjoyed your video :) Keep it up!

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That's 'Attonement' trailer soundtrack


Where can I get this Movie?

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I am never lived in america but i am gone do a very American thing called epic generalization in tryin to explain why thoso films would never work over there. Frist Americans seem to love guns very much so there has to be threat to aim the gun at. Second the attention span of ppl around the world has fallen to level of gold fish so the throw away minds of that world we are in need instant shots that go straight to the head and forgettable plots that don't ask any hard questions aslongs as there is boom bang and lots of cgi it is gone sell. That is why movies like the godfather network news and many others of that calibre would never financial work today. So i would say to French if you got a good thing goin on don't show it to the Americans they won't understand it. I mean you saw what happed to that French movie taxi..

C'est quand même bizarre qu'on ne voit pas la partie où le mec dit qu'en fait il a pitché un film déjà existant qui avait la Palme d'Or. La réaction des producteurs était sûrement: Mais qu'est-ce que j'en à foutre de la Palme d'Or? Il a rapporté combien votre film? Parce que le mien il a rapporté un peu moins de 300 millions de dollars..


They're sisters. Good lord I thought it was gonna be mother and daughter.

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Scorpion King: Book of



This looks really interesting.


the song is golden baby by coeur de pirate, really nice song.

Moi aussi j'ai trouver ça con... 

finally a french movie without gerard or Isabelle Huppert MY+JOURNEY+THROUGH+FRENCH+cinéma les MY+JOURNEY+THROUGH+FRENCH+cinema saint Is this an ASMR film? Why is everyone whispering? hidden in my heart a lullaby journey through scripture Čiulpei ir dar prašei I hate everything this video has to say..... my journey through french cinema tavernier

ahahahahah))) MY JOURNEY THROUGH FRENCH cinéma Some faggy french man that no one knows and does an awful pitch for french master pieces and now hollywood is the devil. I'm not saying that these jews aren't money hungry, it's just that this time it really isn't their fault. What french studious would get behind on doing an epic like apocalypse now if the pitch is its about a guy going down the river in vietnam, and he's crazy but not really but yes really, lol..

MY+JOURNEY+THROUGH+FRENCH+cinéma français funny film funny performance The singer sounds like coeur de pirate. Am I right? I really love Typewriting, so much .... Hope if it had in my country MISS TYPIST , SUREly i would have attend the competition............. MY+JOURNEY+THROUGH+FRENCH+cinéma d'animation 50s, YAY! my journey through french cinema rotten tomatoes

A movie about con artists.

Same piece of music as in the Atonement trailer a journey through french cinema They're are actually twins wtf If you knew me, you would see that I have feelings... Well, you're Natalie Portman, and you have yet to show it in your own life. I mean who the HELL are you to act human when everything you do on film is made to destroy the unity men and women have enjoyed. And yeah, men are still angry at you for Star Wars one, two and three for being the foretaste of the horror to come that is Daisy Ridley, who has yet to answer for her rapine of our culture and values. And no one was fooled by your attempts at ballet in Black Swan, which were not existent anywhere. And that femme western with the Aerosmith title, Janie Got a Gun? How hard were you trying to be an action hero? It's just not working for you! And it only makes you a bigger target for the fear of every man, and believe me there are plenty of prejudiced men who dream of you in nightmares. To the world you remain Princess Pat Me I'm a Dolly. Human? You? You're a female! How the hell is that possible?.

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my journey through this lesson enabled me to learn

this video is stupider than the movies it looks down on.

Great! Keep it up!

fyi this is on Netflix Instant in U.S.

been waiting for a great dradle movie the letter my journey through love loss and life Could anyone recommend me a good French romantic movie for date? worst movie ever! i was bored to death! my journey through french cinema streaming down came the rain my journey through postpartum depression

Of course, what did you expect. This producers make commercial films for a broad audience. This french films adres another audience. To compare autor films with studio films it's as dumb as it can be.. cool 1st


im intrigued but my gut is telling me i may be disappointed. im gna watch it some how some way, any way.. C'est totalement con, quand les réalisateurs parlent du projet ils en parlent surement vachement différemment et c'est l'équipe qui compte. Je comprend que pour eux ca paraisse comme du pipi de chat.. Très vrai! Après c'est une autre mentalité. Les ricains veulent surtout gagner des sous, pas des prix. La reconnaissance ils s'en tapent un peu; c'est pour ça que leur box-office est en dollars et pas en entrées comme le nôtre. Et j'aimerais bien voir un Alien, un Terminator et un Batman se faire pitcher à des producteurs français qui n'auraient jamais entendu parler de ces films.... the center cannot hold my journey through madness my journey through life





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